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Lindsay was dealing with severe nerve pain in her arm, and issues with her lower back. After evaluation the reality was that both of her issues came from her posture. Using the IronSpine Lindsay was able to fix her issues completely. This let her hit PR after PR. Feel great, train hard!

A couple of the guys on the IronWOD program getting after it at CrossFit Wolf King. If you're looking to break the barrier into regionals then this is the program for you. www.ironprescription.com

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This complete program  design leads up to the Opens in 2017 using the scientific principles behind decades of research in Strength & Conditioning. If you are interested in improving your performance, then your journey starts right here, right now!


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Meet our IronRx sponsored athletes. Our company is built around hard work. It's our motto, it's our philosophy, and it's what sets us apart from the rest. Our athletes embody this philosophy, and are the true definition of hard working individuals. 

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