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We only use the most up to date science to program specifically for our weightlifting athletes. Our team mantra is all about having fun while crushing big weights and getting better everyday.


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The IronSpine

Meet our flagship product: The IronSpine postural optimization program. We have had success with clients reducing and relieving pain in their back, hips, shoulders, and knees. You can be next!

Lindsay was dealing with severe nerve pain in her arm, and issues with her lower back. After evaluation the reality was that both of her issues came from her posture. Using the IronSpine Lindsay was able to fix her issues completely. This let her hit PR after PR. Feel great, train hard!

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What people are saying about IronRx

"After years of heavy lifting and doing the same exercises over and over and not enough core or single leg work, my back began to bother me. I didn't think much about it everyone has back pain, right? But, over time it kept getting worse. If I overhead pressed I needed serious days off, and squatting was basically out of the question. 
The years of heavy lifting, not following a truly balanced lifting program and not taking time to stretch post lift had essentially pulled my spine into scoliosis.
I tried resting, stretching, more stretching, talked to athletic trainers, talked to different strength coaches, went to chiropractors, tried anything and everything they would tell me to do. I had some relief but it didn't fix the problem.
Finally, I came across Iron Spine. After two weeks on the program I knew I had finally found something that was making a difference. After a month on the program, you could visibly see the improvement in my posture, and low back pain essentially gone. 
As a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level I can truly say IronRx has created a fantastic program in which is extremely easy to follow and implement into your life. If you are having back pain, your posture is bad, mobility lacking you need to try this program." Kayleigh Fournier - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at NYU

 "I have nothing but good things to say about the program. My posture is improving, I'm more comfortable in the bottom of my squat, and my mobility is improving overall. 
I have stayed pretty consistent with the program but have missed a day or two. I haven't had much discomfort at all... Additionally, my workouts have been productive in the last few weeks and usually last 2 hours. There's no doubt the program has helped improve the quality of my workouts.
Overall I thought the presentation of the program was very simple to follow and the video links were very helpful in explaining the exercises." Cameron Despres

"These guys are awesome. Started phase 1 of my new program with @ironrx this week with a goal of improving my #posture #mobility and #stability. It's only been a few days and I already am experiencing some relief of pain in my upper back. Looking forward to what's ahead. @jaredmello33 @dponts44 
#notimetowaste #ironrx #ironprescription#ironspine #weightlifting #powerlifting#bodybuilding " - Katie Austin, via Instagram - Nutrition Specialist & Weightlifter

"I was referred to Iron Prescription through a friend and a former coach, and for the past month and a half I have had the full support of coach Derek Pontier. I wanted to cut weight while simultaneously gaining strength and I went into it knowing that it was a long and difficult process. In just six weeks I went from weighing 156 to 150, noticed a big change in my body composition, and was able to add a significant amount of weight to my lifts. My form has improved tremendously and I am much more confident with a heavier load on my back.
Derek always made himself available to me if I had a question about anything or if I needed extra help. I like that they are flexible, pay attention to detail, and make it apparent that they want their clients to succeed. Overall it has been a great experience working with iron prescription and I plan on continuing to work with them in the future. I would highly recommend their programs to my peers.
It works if you do. No time to waste." - Torie O'Halloran - Weightlifter

"For a while now, I have struggled to find a nutrition plan that helped me increase my strength while simultaneously helping me lose weight. Derek at IronRX has been a lifesaver. Since starting with The Iron Diet in August, I have gone through starting grad school, moving, starting a new job, and battling a 4 month knee injury. Derek helped me find a plan that worked to keep me lean and strong. I have dropped 10 pounds and despite my injury, I have kept the weight off and increased strength in my upper body. The diet is the best I have ever tried, results came immediately, and I can still enjoy my favorite foods in moderation. Derek is supportive, always available to answer questions, and a knowledgeable coach I can check in with at any time. Now that I am cleared to workout 100% again, I am moving into the next phase of The Iron Diet, and I am so excited to see the changes coming in the next few weeks." - Jenny Ozug

 Lindsay before The Iron Spine

Lindsay before The Iron Spine

 Lindsay after 6 weeks of The Iron Spine

Lindsay after 6 weeks of The Iron Spine

"Iron Rx has helped me tremendously.  Before starting their Iron Spine program I had very poor posture, chronic lower back pain and severe pain and nerve issues in my left arm.
Within just a few weeks I noticed a huge change in my posture and felt incredible pain relief in my problem arm. After a month my posture was corrected, my arm pain completely gone and my lower back issues greatly improved. I also started to PR my lifts like crazy! One of my favorite things about the Iron Spine program is that it is a quick daily routine that can be done right at home.
Deciding to be a part of this was also a great learning experience. I've learned so much about my body's mechanics, strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend the Iron Spine to anyone looking to improve their way of life. It is a great supplement to any active lifestyle! Lindsay Broekel - CrossFit Athlete

Want to fix your mobility issues?

Working with athletes for years we would get frustrated treating new clients and athletes who would be dealing with the same issues over and over. 

Almost everyday a new athlete would walk in and complain of shoulder pain, or low back pain, or a hip issue. We would work with them from scratch and build them a mobility and stability program that would fix their pain by improving their posture in just a matter of weeks. 

But like the young coaches we were, we would go through things painstakingly slow from one athlete to the next. Because of that, the way we could help athletes was limited by the amount of time we had each day. 

          Before using The Iron Spine

         Before using The Iron Spine

Then BOOM! We had a huge idea, we build a program that would give the power to the athletes so they didn't have to see us everyday. We put in an incredible amount of time into selecting the releases, breathing techniques, stabilization drills, and videos knowing that when we finished every athlete would be able to better themselves without having to come find us.

 After using The Iron Spine for 6 weeks

After using The Iron Spine for 6 weeks

That is how The IronSpine was born. And it is how you can get rid of your shoulder, back, hip, neck, elbow, knee pain. I could go on, but stop reading this and start the IronSpine now so you can get back to living and training pain free. 


These guys are awesome. Started phase 1 of my new program with @ironrx this week with a goal of improving my #posture #mobility and #stability. It’s only been a few days and I already am experiencing some relief of pain in my upper back. Looking forward to what’s ahead. @jaredmello33 @dponts44
#notimetowaste #ironrx #ironprescription #ironspine #weightlifting #powerlifting #bodybuilding
— Katie Austin, via Instagram

*Disclaimer: This product is meant for educational purposes only. The Iron Spine does not claim to cure any disease or help recovery from any catastrophic event.

By purchasing The Iron Spine, you agree that you have been cleared by a physician to perform physical activity, are in good health, and to your knowledge do not have any conditions, illness, or disease that may prevent or affect you ability to perform physical exercise. If you have not been cleared by a physician, then you accept to hereby assume all responsibility for your participation in the service provided by IronRx, LLC. 

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