A 5'4" 17 Year Old BEGINNER Should Not Be On The Same Program As A 6'2" 26 Year Old Elite Athlete

Why? Because the notion that both people can train the same is absurd. Either one will be over trained and get injured, or the other will be undertrained and stay stagnant. 

It sort of seems obvious to us, that people of different abilities and backgrounds should not be training the same way. But watching what some people are putting out showed us a horrifying truth: coaches wants money from you, not results for you. 

Results come from being honest with your ability and training with a program that is at the right level until progressing to the next stage of your development. Moving to the next level of development is achieved through repetition and dedication. Not from beating yourself down with 5x5 heavy deadlifts twice a week. 

Being honest with yourself and your abilities is a really hard thing to do, but when you can do this amazing things are able to happen. When you follow programming catered specifically for you and your needs, aside from the obvious benefit of getting your coaches attention, you will also progress faster than you ever thought possible. 

Even better still, when you follow an individualized program that is tailored to you, your chances of getting injured drop substantially. Just saying..

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