IronRx Weightlifting

Terms of Service Contract

By purchasing a membership for IronRx Weightlifting, you are agreeing to the terms of the contract as follows:

If you choose to enter into a contract with IronRx Weightlifting you agree to honor the life of the contract at the agreed upon price. If you wish to cancel your membership before the contract expires, you will be charged at the month-to-month rate ($150/month) for the remaining months on the contract. You may pay this either in one payment, or continue the monthly payments at the penalty rate.

If you would like to cancel at anytime after the expiration of your contract, you will not be assessed any penalty rates or charges. You may remain as part of the team for as long as you would like after the expiration of your contract and continue to pay the same rate that you chose. You are not required to renew the contract once it reaches its expiration date, and your rate will not increase to the month-to-month rate after expiration.