My goal is to bring the highest quality information and instruction to every single athlete I come in contact with.  I have always had a passion for training since I was 10, and sharing that information and passion with people is what makes me the happiest.  As the years have gone by I have found more and more information, and refined my philosophies for programming, injury prevention, and my approach to coaching.  

I obtained my B.S. in Exercise Science at Bridgewater State University.  After a year off I returned to BSU to get my M.S. in Strength in Conditioning where I met some incredible people who challenged the way I thought and pushed me to reach new levels intellectually and athletically.

After a neck injury I stopped playing football at BSU. This is when I found weightlifting, I instantly fell in love with the sport, and its application to strength and conditioning. I have been competing in weightlifting for just over 5 years now. Now I both compete and coach in weightlifting. I have worked for years with athletes of all sports, and ages to help them reach their athletic potential through thoughtful and directed training. Everyday I look forward to helping new people improve,, and reach for their goals.

B.S. Exercise Science

Candidate for M.S. Physical Education




Athletic Background: Football (High school, College), Weightlifting (5 years), Overall Savage


Best Lifts: Clean

Favorite Lift: Back Squat

Least Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Favorite Athlete: Alex Lee

Philosophy behind training, programming, athletics: A holistic approach to training based on sound scientific principals will always outlast and outshine the next fad, or quick fix. If you have big goal work everyday because there is “ No Time To Waste”

Biggest Mentor: Joe Mosher