Meet The Coaches

Derek Pontier 105kg

The founder of IronRx and an experienced weightlifter, he has qualified and competed in national level weightlifting competitions since 2011. Perfecting technique and speed is an everyday commitment, but everyday you can and should improve. 

Best Lifts

Snatch 139kg/305lbs

Clean & Jerk 175kg/385lbs

Squat 227kg/500lbs

"If your goals are as big as they should be we have No Time To Waste."

Jared Mello 85kg

Co-owner of IronRx and another seasoned weightlifting veteran who has competed at multiple national level competitions over his years of training. Following a basic protocol of proper programming, nutrition, and recovery will provide you with incredibly unexpected results.

Best lifts

Snatch 105kg/231lbs

Clean & Jerk 137kg/300lbs

Squat 190kg/419lbs

"Get your mind right, and your body will follow"

Caitlin Cole 69kg

Caitlin in an accomplished weightlifter who has been in the sport since 2012 and has competed nationally throughout her career. She's been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years and believes in following a holistic approach to training both the body and mind.

best lifts


Clean & Jerk