BEFORE                                             AFTER                          Lindsay after 6 weeks following The IronSpine

                    BEFORE                                             AFTER

                       Lindsay after 6 weeks following The IronSpine

The IronSpine

It's time to take back you posture! This product is specifically designed to help you optimize your posture and relieve pain in your low back, shoulders, hips, and knees. Each program is individual and based on the specific needs of the person. The only thing we require from you is a postural assessment video.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to get started on your personalized program! And you get to pick the color P-Knot of your choice!

See what Lindsay had to say about her time using The IronSpine:

Iron Rx has helped me tremendously.  Before starting their Iron Spine program I had very poor posture, chronic lower back pain and severe pain and nerve issues in my left arm. 
Within just a few weeks I noticed a huge change in my posture and felt incredible pain relief in my problem arm. After a month my posture was corrected, my arm pain completely gone and my lower back issues greatly improved. I also started to PR my lifts like crazy! One of my favorite things about the Iron Spine program is that it is a quick daily routine that can be done right at home. 
Deciding to be a part of this was also a great learning experience. I've learned so much about my body's mechanics, strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend the Iron Spine to anyone looking to improve their way of life. It is a great supplement to any active lifestyle! 

Here is what Katie Austin, certified nutrition specialist has to say about The IronSpine:

These guys are awesome. Started phase 1 of my new program with @ironrx this week with a goal of improving my #posture #mobility and #stability. It's only been a few days and I already am experiencing some relief of pain in my upper back. Looking forward to what's ahead.

here's the story behind the ironspine:

Working with athletes for years we would get frustrated treating new clients and athletes who would be dealing with the same issues over and over. 

Almost everyday a new athlete would walk in and complain of shoulder pain, or low back pain, or a hip issue. We would work with them from scratch and build them a mobility and stability program that would fix their pain by improving their posture in just a matter of weeks. 

But like the young coaches we were, we would go through things painstakingly slow from one athlete to the next. Because of that, the way we could help athletes was limited by the amount of time we had each day. 

Then BOOM! We had a huge idea, we build a program that would give the power to the athletes so they didn't have to see us everyday. We put in an incredible amount of time into selecting the releases, breathing techniques, stabilization drills, and videos knowing that when we finished every athlete would be able to better themselves without having to come find us.

That is how The IronSpine was born. And it is how you can get rid of your shoulder, back, hip, neck, elbow, knee pain. I could go on, but stop reading this and start the IronSpine now so you can get back to living and training pain free.


The IronSpine program utilizes self-myofascial release, diaphragmatic breathing, movement, activation and stabilization drills. It is truly one of a kind! We wanted to make sure we took care of everything for you and provided you with the most complete package plan. 

                   An example of one day of The IronSpine

                  An example of one day of The IronSpine

We have partnered with P-Knot Industries to bring you a complete product that includes your personalized 4 day program along with the one tool that you need in order to be successful and follow the program. Make sure when you purchase your plan you choose the color P-Knot you want! Right now we have green or pink available.

We also have included everything you need right inside the program itself. We provide you with the movements, breathing techniques, SMR, and drills you need to reclaim you posture. You can see a preview of what one day might look like here:

And because we are serious about giving you everything you need to succeed, each exercise has a link that brings you to a short video that explains the movements, why we do them, how they help, and also walks you through how to perform each one effectively. Here's what you might see if you clicked on one of the links:

Suboptimal posture can lead to issues with movement of all varieties and can cause pain in your hips, back, shoulders, and knees. Do you dream of being able to get down on the ground and play with your kids or grandkids? Are you sick of not being able to raise your arms overhead without pain? Has your quality of life diminished because you are in constant back pain? Now is your chance! Sign up for The IronSpine and re optimize your posture to get rid of your nagging pain and injuries!

So click below to get your own IronSpine program along with a P-Knot of your choosing. This is currently a three month program at $150/month. A small price to pay to eliminate your nagging injuries and limiting pain. So what are you waiting for? Reclaim your posture and get back your ambitions!