Weekly Readings


So there’s been some news releases that claim gluten intolerance doesn’t really exist. Robb Wolf takes a look at whether this may be true, or perhaps it may be something else that’s causing GI distress.



Wait, coffee was good for you last year… Now people are saying its bad? What gives?!? Chris Kresser gets into the details about whether or not coffee is actually good for you.



This comprehensive article takes a look at the missing link in movement training. Today, “functional movement” is becoming increasingly popular, however Joel Jameison points out what people are missing about proper movement in all scenarios.



A coach has to be a lot of things. They have to be the strength and conditioning coach, a dietitian, a janitor, a handy man, a chef, and sometimes a listener or therapist. Our job is to make them stronger, but it’s not just physically.