Weekly Readings

http://startingstrongman.com/2016/02/09/the-relationship-between-arousal-and-performance-part-2/- As you should already know by now (if you have been reading these posts every week) that the relationship between arousal and performance exists on a continuum. Well here are some ways to increase or decrease your arousal based on where you want to be on said continuum. 


http://startingstrength.com/site/article/lifts_vs_assistance_exercises#.VrI9EVvPYd4-This article talks about the definitions of exercising and training, and how main lifts are markedly different than assistance exercises as it relates long term programming. 


https://dsstrength.com/four-ways-to-incorporate-postural-restoration-institute-pri-principles-into-strength-and-conditioning/- PRI is the next big thing in the strength and conditioning industry. This article talks about different ways to incorporate PRI into the training of your athletes, or yourself. 


http://rebel-performance.com/interview-supplement-boss-dr-spencer-nadolsky/-This is an interview with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, the director of examine.com. This site is what you’ve always been looking for, an unbiased and trustworthy guide to the many different supplements that are available. It also offers reviews on different supplements and how effective they are, as proven by scientific research. Make sure to check this one out.