Weekly Readings


Here are 4 “magic” movements to fix your squat. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to squat. Check to see if you’ve been doing it right and see how you can fix it!



The dreaded “knee valgus collapse,” aka knock knees, aka stanky legs, aka holy shit that hurts just watching you squat. If you want to see an in-depth explanation about why that happens and how to fix it, this is the article for you!



We’ve all seen it before. You read the nutrition label and it says there are 7865g of total carbohydrate, yet somehow there are miraculously only 4g of “net carbs.” Is it magic? What does “net carbs” even mean? Well, Dr. Perlmutter tackles that topic this week.



The call for prioritized strength and conditioning in endurance sports has amplified as more athletes see that uninterrupted training and victorious races require healthy and strong bodies. See how you can build a program to create more durable athletes.