Bullshitting On The Plane

    This article is just about what is going on in my head as we are flying to the American Open with one of our athletes, Lindsay. There is nothing substantial to this, nothing earth shattering, or mind blowing, I just found it interesting that the thoughts on this trip are not solely focused on weightlifting and the competition that lies ahead.

    Sitting in the plane on the tarmac I spent the time making sure that everything had been packed, and everything at our apartment is taken care of. Turns out we forgot to take the trash out… So we have that horrific stink to look forward to when we get back in 6 days. Just rotting meat and eggs. It's gonna be a bloodbath.

    Just before writing this I started thinking about what needed to be done once we land. We need to get the rental car, call the hotel so we can check in early, get to the grocery store so we can eat well (and not spend a fortune at chipotle), make sure that we get to the venue to check out the layout, get a training session in, and get loose. That seems like a lot to do but in 4 hours after we land we will have gotten all of that done.

    What seems odd to me is that neither myself nor Jared is panicking or dwelling on the competition itself. We aren't panicking about warm ups, body weight, stress of the level of competition, readiness of the athlete, or the potential outcome the weekend.

    It finally occurred to me that neither of us are panicking because the work has been done. Lindsay has crushed her training, and is ready to have a great weekend where she does better than even she imagines. We have prepared her warm up attempts, we have double checked to make sure she has all of her training gear so she is ready to go no matter what. All of the small things have been accounted for. Because of that, all of the big things are taking care of themselves.

    We couldn’t have been more lucky to travel with two great people who are just fun to be around. National meets are stressful and can cause people to panic, but panicking 3 days before competition certainly won't help. It helps to travel and train with individuals who are driven, maybe even obsessive with the process, but if the obsession is on the outcome then panic would have started weeks ago and this trip would be far less enjoyable.

    I guess in the end this little post is about making sure that you focus on the process and take care of the little nagging things you need to so that the big stuff will take care of itself. We may not win a national medal, but it's awesome to know that in just under 3 months Lindsay was able to qualify for the American Open (and is knocking on the door for Nationals) and we can find individuals who help us support us and make the trip down. We are truly blessed. Time for takeoff!