Weekly Readings

http://deansomerset.com/butt-wink-aout-hamstrings/- This is an article by Dean Somerset about butt wink in the squat, and why the culprit may not be the hamstrings like most people assume.



http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2015/12/27/fatigue-indicators-and-how-to-use-them/- Fatigue is an inevitable effect of hard training. However, too much time training in a fatigued state can lead to faulty movement patterns, poor performance, and injury. This article offers some ways to detect oncoming fatigue, current fatigue, and fatigue that has been present for some time.


http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2014/09/04/best-damn-squat-mobility-article-period/- This article is titled “The Best Damn Squat Mobility Article. Period.” I’m not sure more of an introduction is even needed….


http://startingstrength.com/site/article/hangover_starr#.Vo74Nt-rSgA- The strength game lost a legend when Bill Starr passed away. He shared a great deal of information in his writings, and this one is no exception. Here Starr talks about training with a hangover, a situation he came across quite frequently when working as a collegiate strength coach at the University of Hawaii. Even if you don’t anticipate this becoming an issue for yourself, this is worth reading for entertainment alone.