Weekly Readings

http://showmestrength.com/20-ways-to-tell-if-you-are-mentally-weak/- Mental toughness is a huge part of achieving your goals in training, in business, and in life. This list titled “20 Reasons You Are Mentally Weak” may shed some insight on how you could improve your ability to handle adversity and increase your mental toughness.


http://rebel-performance.com/arousal-theory-and-strength-sports-how-to-harness-nuclear-energy/- Most lifters think that they need to psych themselves up for every lift in order to make the most progress. This article talks about why this may not be the case, especially for beginners.


http://www.catalystathletics.com/article/1956/-When-Weightlifting-Goes-From-PR-City-to-Daily-Grind-And-How/- This is a great article by Matt Foreman that talks about how to deal with your progress slowing down after you make it past the beginner stage in weightlifting. If you’ve recently hit a PR drought, this may make you feel better….

http://www.elitefts.com/education/is-stress-killing-your-progress/- Many lifters often overlook the stressors in their life that come from outside the gym and how those can effect training. This article talks about how stress can derail your progress, as well as some tips for eliminating stress in your life.