Why Does The Renaissance Diet Work So Well?

             I am in no way associated with the founders of the Renaissance Periodization Diet however I have used it and I was incredible thrilled and pissed. It’s almost comical because just a few years ago all of the same information was presented to me by well renown nutritionist and tremendous professor.  But at the time as a young and stubborn athlete I did not heed the information I was learning.  As a college football player at the time the more protein the better, hell the more everything the better.  No wonder I showed up to spring ball almost 30lbs over what I cam in at the year before.  I did ketogenic diets and fat burners to loose the weight before the season started, and I got down but I was nearly useless on the field I was so dehydrated and under recovered.  If only I had listened then I could have prevented all this nonsense.  It took me reading the renaissance diet PDF a few years later to realize that I had learned this information before, just for some reason never applied it.  So why has the Renaissance Periodization Diet been so effective? Tremendous numbers of people have had success with the renaissance diet in the recent months. People both in and outside of the fitness community have seen this as another fad but they would be wrong.  This is science.

            There are a few simple reasons for all of the success.  The foundation of the diet is solid, it is based in observable repeatable science and is not a quick fix or drastic change.  All of the caloric measurements are founded in scientific research, which has held up over years so when followed properly the results can almost be predicted precisely.  They have also capitalized on a very specific market at first, dedicated barbell athletes who had never been pointed in the right dietary direction before. 

            People like my self who have taken training for their sport seriously for years.  Folks who have done all of the work in the gym, all of the, extra sprints, injury prevention, and mobility drills.  They continue to get stronger sure but weren’t satisfied with their recovery or like me their body composition.  Turns out you have to put the work in on your diet as well to see all of the benefits of your tireless efforts.  I refused to diet because I thought I would loose strength and there was nothing more inconceivable than squatting under 500lbs.  But frustration gave way to change, as I am sure it did for many, and I tried out the auto templates.  Just like everyone else I began loosing weight but my numbers stayed steady.  I along with everyone else occasionally hit pr’s while dropping weight classes, which is a substantial achievement even when not dieting. 

            The Renaissance Periodization Diet has been so successful because their methods are simple add easily applied to daily life.  But they also have all of these previously dedicated and highly successful athletes who bring the same dedication to their diets that they have in their training.  The success these athletes have had has been shared all over social media and now we are seeing an influx of performance conscious dieters thanks to the RPD.  If you consider your self a serious athlete or are just tired of trying diets that fail there is no substitute for dedicated application of the Renaissance Periodization Diet. Take all of this knowledge they are giving you and use it.