Weekly Readings

http://tonygentilcore.com/2015/11/5-mobility-exercises-youve-probably-never-done-but-should/- Since I have started olympic lifting I have made mobility a much larger focus in my training. I spend a lot of time doing various mobility drills, and as a result I am always looking for ways to make my mobility more efficient. This article shows some promising new drills that I will be adding to my own arsenal. Hopefully you will find them helpful as well.



http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2015/10/05/6-lessons-from-the-last-6-years/- I love articles written by people who have been training for a lengthy period of time. A title such as “What I’ve Learned in the Past Decade” is much more promising to me than “What I Learned in the Past Six Weeks”. This article is one of the former, and features 6 lessons learned over the past 6 years by Chad Wesley Smith, the founder of Juggernaut Training Systems.


http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2015/09/15/managing-lifting-and-life-for-the-young-athlete/- This is a great article talking about fitting training into the busy lifestyle of a college student. I’m currently in school, and still find the time to train 6 days a week when many of my colleagues claim they don’t have time. The difference is in priorities and making sacrifices, something this article mentions in detail.


http://www.elitefts.com/education/coaching-education/you-never-know/- This article talks about what it takes to break into the strength and conditioning field, and the importance of making a good impression on everyone you work for. As someone who is hoping to get into the field soon, I found this article quite interesting. I hope you enjoy it as well.